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I’m not a morning person. It’s hard for me to get inspired and motivated, especially on a Monday that follows a sunny, active weekend.

Just now I was about to dig into my career transition “to do” list, when I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful my new scarf looked, casually draped over my purse and briefcase the way it landed when I put my stuff down on the desk. I bought my new favourite accessory on Friday — it was a cheap and cheerful impulse buy (yes, TR, I am still an active impulse buyer!). I was walking by a tiny store in the underground concourse at Bloor and Yonge and my eyes went directly to it. I felt happy just looking at it.

Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest difference.

When we recognize moments of inspiration, it opens up possibilities that lead to options, that lead to baby steps, that inevitably add up and lead to achievement.

Just like Mama said, “Lille bit by lille bit.”

Happy Monday!

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The Return of the Stepmaster

I’m quickly being reminded what it’s like to be a “Stepmaster”, as opposed to working out on the Stairmaster (much to the chagrin of my taskmaster, Terence!).

Remember those nasty stumbling blocks from the poem in the previous post? Well…

As you know, I’m making my way through the labyrinth of exploring what’s out there, which direction to head, and landing somewhere soft and financially lucrative. I have recently started to let my inner critic creep up on me and build little stumbling blocks in an attempt to thwart my attempt at action and motivation. My critic keeps reminding me what I haven’t done yet. I’m starting to “should” all over myself – I should focus more as an expert… I should diversify more as a generalist… I should stick with what I know… I should take on new challenges… I should have more answers… I should have made more progress by now… you know the drill. Before you know it, the focus changes and the spotlight is on what has gone wrong in the past and what can go wrong, regardless of your great experiences and good things you’ve made happen.

Some of you may have had a chance to read a comment recently posted by Spike, whose compassion, logic and metaphorical story-telling are always a tremendous support. Spike’s metaphor about using blocks as a foundation has helped me to see the path a bit more clearly and objectively.

Here’s what Spike had to say:
“Instead of minimizing our successes and maximizing our failures in our mind – I suggest a visualization exercise for us all. That is, failures are the hard things – so visualize them as blocks – set them down and learn from them by using them to build a foundation – visualize successes as the concrete that cements the blocks together – use both to step up and keep going higher.”

I’m happy to report that today I took a couple of those stumbling blocks my inner critic provided, built a step, and hauled myself up there, back on the path that will lead me to where I want to be. I feel stronger, and the view is much better when you’re on a higher step!


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