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Virtual Teleporting

I took this photo at the Burrowing Owl winery in the Okanagan Valley, B.C. to help me remember the moment.

The moment was special for two reasons:
1) I was spending precious time with one of my nieces and her husband who live on the coast; and,
2) the scene was so simple, yet so complex — it was a lot to take in, and every bit was as interesting as the whole “big picture”.

This is my screensaver. It visually teleports me back to this moment so that I can revel in the calm and contentment that I felt at the time.

When you’d rather be somewhere else than where you are right now, get out a favourite photo that takes you to where you were content, cozy, happy, calm, or all of the above. Or, if you’re really good at visualizing, you can virtually teleport without needing a picture. Close your eyes and replay a memorable scene in your mind.

You’ll be surprised (and thrilled!) at how your body and mind will feel the therapeutic benefits of this virtual trip through time and space.

And remember to take a deep breath! It’ll add to the experience.

Then when you come back to the here and now, your shoulders will be down where they’re supposed to be and you’ll not only feel refreshed –you’ll feel like you’ve just been hugged!


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