A “Lille Bit” About Me

Who I Am

My name is Treasa Labaj. Growing up just outside of Toronto, Canada, gave me the chance to experience smaller towns as well as The Big City. I’m the youngest of six children born to parents who immigrated to Canada from Ukraine after WWII. I think the diversity of what I was exposed to during my formative years – family history, languages, lifestyles, culture, education and responsibilities – influenced my interests in seeing things differently, recognizing the importance of mining the talents we all have, and achieving things we think are out of our reach.

What I Do

I motivate people and organizations to recognize, accept and apply their talents and capabilities to reach their full potential.

I’m a change agent – or, rather a change broker. Managing change is my passion. Finding the best way to minimize the pain and maximize the impact of change is my challenge.

Change can take on many forms and have many different outcomes. There’s no cookie-cutter solution. Each person or organization is unique – each has a distinct history, influences, desired outcomes, resources and willingness to use the elbow grease needed to achieve goals.

The common denominator is that you have all the answers, ideas, strength and vision you need. You just have to find it, access it and use it to get what you want.

I’m like a GPS who works with you to find out where you want to go, and which route will deliver the results you want and get you to where you’re going.

I’m The Idea Girl.
I’m a strategist: I map things out, I develop solutions.
I ask the right questions.
I offer different perspectives.
I support you in re-landscaping your environment.
I help you see possibilities you may not know exist.
I help you see answers you already have.

Because you already have the answers, you know. You have everything you need, all the pieces – just like a kaleidoscope.

If you’re familiar with them, kaleidoscopes are way cool. With fixed parameters and a limited number of pieces, you can create an infinite number of pictures. Nothing added. Just a rearrangement of the parts, whether it’s with a big rotation or just a teeny, tiny shift.

So, with each turn, new possibilities are created as pieces fall into place and take a new shape.

Why I do what I do

Just as we use only a portion of our brain, we access only a limited amount of our potential. We limit ourselves for many reasons – thinking we need to meet someone else’s expectations, convincing ourselves we can’t do something even before we try it, or ruling out possibilities because we are scared to fail according to our definition of failure and success.

Well, I agree with Thomas Edison, who said, “If we did all the things we were capable of, we would literally astound ourselves.” That’s why I do what I do. I want you to astound yourself.

Who I Am Professionally

From the beginning of my career as a marketing and PR account manager with the Ontario Public Service (OPS), through my years as an independent consultant, and subsequently an OPS executive focusing on innovation and change, I looked at things differently. Rules were important, but it was more important to make sure the rules made sense. If they didn’t, I stepped back, mapped out a different route, and made organizations more efficient, processes more streamlined, and people’s approach to personal and career challenges more successful.

Throughout my career, I have taken on a variety of roles to facilitate a continuous learning approach to my career path and have developed valuable expertise from a number of perspectives that I apply as lessons learned going forward.

As a change broker, I have gained insight into the sensitive dynamic between experts on both sides of the equation: you, the client, and me, the strategist who maps out and manages your best route to get you to where you want to be.

I was educated at the University of Western Ontario, and received my Honours Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Political Science and French. I also have certificates for my studies in body psychotherapy and project management.

My background includes a variety of experience in strategic communications planning, issues management, multi-media projects, stakeholder relations, accessibility for people with disabilities, and business relationship management in the areas of program delivery, business planning and organizational development.

I also have expertise in process re-engineering, change/transition management, developing and implementing solutions using new and emerging technologies, co-ordinating Internet/Intranet/Portal development, facilitating organizational development and communications workshops, speaking at conferences, implementing promotional strategies, building high-performance teams, and developing training/orientation programs.

My experience in personal development comes from working with individuals on solutions to their career and personal challenges, or desires to “pump up” their lives and reach their full potential.

So make it happen. Make new choices. Find the opportunities in the challenges. Give your kaleidoscope a turn or two and see the existing pieces from a new perspective. You already have what it takes – you just have to realize it, believe it, and live it.

Imagine. Do. Have.

4 responses to “A “Lille Bit” About Me

  1. Spike

    I can’t help but feel there is a message in there for me especially today. God you’re smart – you drummed this off in record time!!!

  2. Spike

    I’ve been wanted to send you a reply for some time now. You spend so much time helping everyone else – now I want to support you. So what I have to say is that we/you have to stop assuming that we know everything. Nobody knows everything – it isn’t possible – just like the fact that hindsight is 20/20 vision. When we set up an expectation of ourselves that we should know everything – we miss the forest for the trees – plus, we close ourselves off to the inspiration that develops other ideas. The biggest mistake we can all make is to give up on ourselves. Even if you stumble – just tell yourself that this day, this hour, this minute is new and I’ll just start again. Just as life is full of births and deaths – it is full of failures and successes. Instead of minimizing our successes and maximizing our failures in our mind – I suggest a visualization exercise for us all. That is, failures are the hard things – so visualize them as blocks – set them down and learn from them by using them to build a foundation – visualize successes as the concrete that cements the blocks together – use both to step up and keep going higher.

  3. Laywah Ang


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