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Flexing the Creativity Muscle

This list (from d3novo.wordpress.com) was shared in a group conversation thread on LinkedIn. It did its job — it got me thinking…

There are so many ways to stay or become more creative, all starting with doing something a little differently. Or doing something, period. If we always do what we’ve done, we’ll keep getting what we’ve got.

I would add a few things to this list:

30. colour an image in a colouring book
31. use different coloured markers when writing lists or notes
32. pretend you’re a consultant looking at your situation: what would you advise?
33. choose a menu item out of your comfort zone next time you’re out
34. talk to someone you admire to get their perspective
35. check out a free event or attraction in your community
36. take a different route to work/grocery store/friend’s place
37. sit in a prime people-watching spot in a coffee shop and observe
38. make a meal from whatever is currently in your fridge and pantry — no recipe!
39. take a walk in your neighbourhood and notice everything

What else can we add?

What’s sparked your creativity?

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