Reinvention and Discovery

As I make stops at new landmarks during my current journey of rediscovery, I want to share them with you. Kind of like sending a postcard. Because each of our journeys follow different paths, and there’s no common map for getting from here to there, you may not come across the same hidden gems that I find. And you may want to visit the same places.

I first heard about Shevaun Voisin yesterday. I was making my way to the subway at the College stop, and passed by the newsagent. A magazine I had never seen before jumped out from the display – a wide, purple masthead caught my attention: MOTIVATED. I bought a copy. I like it because it’s not slick, and the content is very down-to-earth.

I asked Google about the publisher, Shevaun Voisin, and was led to a video of a speech she gave about reinvention (which is the theme of the Winter issue of MOTIVATED).

Here’s the blurb from and the YouTube video link. The video is a bit heart-wrenching and emotional, but inspirational nonetheless:

Shevaun Voisin is not the titles she holds, the awards she’s won, or even the sum total of her net worth statement. She is a woman on a mission, to inspire others to re-invent themselves, achieve in quantum leaps, and choose to be remarkable every day. She has promoted a world ranked boxer, built a mall, taught hundreds of entrepreneurs how to start and grow their companies, and interviewed some of the world’s most accomplished leaders. But, none of these experiences have compared to dancing intimately with death and grief; an encounter that served as the catalyst to publish her international business magazine, MOTIVATED. Challenging widely accepted beliefs about pursing a life of mediocre success versus passionate significance, readers appreciate the truths shared directly from leaders around our world.

Because so many people take time right about now to think about mapping out a path for the year to come, I thought this would be especially relevant to post today. So read, watch, take action and get motivated!

More discovery postcards to follow in 2011.

Wishing you Happy Holidays and a rewarding journey!


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