Well, for those of you who tune in to read my blog (thank you), you’ve probably been thinking that I’ve abandoned the whole thing.


I’ve been stuck. Immobile. Not knowing what to do next. Stopped in my tracks because of overwhelmingly negative personal and professional situations that have had such an effect on my life that I’ve felt like I’ve been an observer, watching this train wreck of a drama unfold, not realizing that it was my train wreck of a drama and that I needed to actually do something. Move. Take some kind of action to make something happen.

I was at a meeting recently at Hart House at UofT. That’s where I saw this giant quote on a poster. If I were in a cartoon, the poster would have swung up from one of the bottom corners and flap itself into the corridor to catch my attention, probably snapping at my butt like my brother used to do with a wet towel when we were younger.

I got the message.

But I still didn’t know what to do. I still don’t. But need to do something. And maybe a few somethings (planned, spontaneous or even unrelated) will lead me closer to where I can live, work laugh, love, dance, sing and embrace those who mean so much to me.

I made my first “move” last night after an amazing dinner with one of my dearest friends, Kirby. Kirby just landed his dream job. HE took ME out to celebrate! (Congrats again, my friend!!) He’s always known in his heart what he wanted to do, and however it happens, he makes it happen. But he doesn’t worry about HOW he’s going to make it happen, He doesn’t map it out on pie charts, strategize, worry, or analyze things to death. What’s his secret? He moves. He takes action.

You see, Kirby is brilliant. He knows mind/body connection like no one else I’ve known, read or seen on TV. He has a few key nuggets that I come back to every once in a while when I need a hint about life. The one that resonates the most with me right now is that you can’t wait to be motivated to take action. It’s actually the other way around:

Action creates motivation.

My first move? I made some tough decisions about my career. (More on that in future blog entries – soon, I promise!!)

On the heels of my first move, I finally hauled myself over to Future Shop today and bought a HD/PVR box that I’ve needed for months but wasn’t motivated to get.

Then I opened up my laptop and wrote this blog entry.

See? Action. Motivation. That’s how it works.

Move. You’ll love what happens.



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  1. Karen Kessler

    You go girl! The past predicts the future unless you take ACTION in the NOW. Congratulations on your discovery. The world will never be the same – fun eh?

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