What’s Driving Your Boat?

Past, present, future.

Each one has a specific role in our lives.

The future is where we are headed. It’s a destination. It’s where, through planning and goal-setting, we will reap the benefits of whatever work, studying or give and take we experience during our journey to get there.

The past is done. It’s where we’ve been already. We can learn from the past, but it’s NOT a blueprint for the future. There are no “do-overs”. The past gives us lessons learned and memories. Our memories aren’t a factual record of what happened, it’s the way we remember experiencing what happened. And, after a while, most memories get a bit blurry over time.

With most memories, unless unfortunately traumatic, we remember the good stuff more than the bad. The problem is that when we remember the bad stuff, it can hold us back from doing something that will move us forward.

What we fail to consider is that if we try something again that we haven’t done for a while, we’re coming at it from a different place, we’ve had experiences in the interim, and with different circumstances we’re likely to get different results.

So that brings us to the present. It’s the part of the journey you’re experiencing right now. The boat has been launched, and you’re in the driver’s seat. Where you go is up to you, and to have a successful boat ride, you would have had to plan for it to a certain extent.

To avoid rocks, shoreline and other boats or hazards, you have to keep your eyes forward.

You’ll notice that the wake that the boat creates leaves a trail behind it. It marks where the boat has been.

The wake is in the past.

The wake has no influence whatsoever on the boat’s destination or journey. And the further the boat travels, the more the wake fades into the water until there’s no evidence of it at all.

If you focus on the wake, the likelihood of crashing the boat, or straying off course or getting lost increases.

If you focus on the past, there’s more of a chance of crashing, straying or getting lost altogether.

Occasionally enjoy the beauty of the wake, but focus ahead. Drive your boat towards your destination. And enjoy the journey!



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2 responses to “What’s Driving Your Boat?

  1. Lynn

    Excellent! Well said… very relevant and a good message for so many of us. Keep the posts comin’!

  2. Your destination is clear. I will follow your lead. Thanks for this (and you).

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